We strive to solve some of the most important issues of humanity. We want to feed hungry people, save the planet without harming animals

Traditional meat production has reached its limit. It cannot grow further because there isn't enough land or water. Meat production occupies 80% of all agricultural land, with a huge negative impact on the environment. At the same time, the world population is actively growing and will reach 10 billion in the coming decades. If nothing is done, in the near future meat will become a luxury for people.

The meat production by tissue engineering can prevent a disaster.


Less land use


Less water use


Less feed intake


The same natural meat

Basic principles to solve the problem

Meatex mission


Most people love natural meat and this habit would be difficult to change

Most people will always love natural meat. Instead of trying to change this habit, it is necessary to rethink the very process of meat production itself. Our task is to move from common farming methods to the more modern, humane, high-tech and efficient model of natural meat production.


Create a quality product that everyone will enjoy

We strive to create products of the highest quality. Your favorite meat dishes will have a juicy, delicious flavor that you know and love. But at the same time, their production is better for you and for the entire planet. Our products contain minimal cholesterol and also there are no antibiotics or hormones. This is the future we are aspiring to create.

Meatex mission
Meatex mission


Make the product available and distribute it worldwide

With each passing year, the lab grown meat is no longer only for the rich people. It becomes more and more available product for ordinary people around the world. Every day our technology is being improved, and the prime cost of the product is constantly dropping in prices. Today, instead of hundreds of thousands of dollars, our burger costs less than $5. We strive to expand the production worldwide, so that everyone can enjoy the impeccable taste of our meat, no matter in what part of the planet the person is.

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Our progress

Mason White starts working on the idea of growing lab meat.


Our own method of working with muscle tissue have been developed.


Funding was received for achieving our goals.


We have defined a serum-free environment for animals.


Establishment of the company Meatex PTY LTD and launch of production facilities.


Cost reduction, increase in production and worldwide distribution.


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