This is about meat production process for preparing a delicious and flavorful burger with the best taste during which no animal was harmed

1. Muscle tissue sampling

It all starts by taking samples of cow muscle tissue. We select the healthiest cows and the best cells to help us grow meat. The procedure is painless for the animals. Cows are free to walk in the fields as soon as we collect a sample of cells with a diameter of 3 mm.


  • The procedure is performed under anesthesia. It is absolutely painless for the animals.
  • One sample weighs 0.5gm and contains 33,000 cells.
  • About 80,000 burgers can be made from one sample.

2. Getting stem cells

From the samples, we get stem cells, which are responsible for tissue regeneration after body injury. In the laboratory, cells are placed in a special nutrient medium with such vitamins and microelements that the animal receives naturally. In three weeks we get over a million stem cells.


  • Non-GMO product. We do not change anything at the gen level.
  • The nutrient medium does not contain components of animal origin
  • Reproduction of natural environment.

3. Growing the fibers

Then the cells we started with grow and become muscle and fat, just like inside the cow's body. The cells stick together into small strips of muscle tissue, about one centimeter in length and a few millimeters in thickness. With all the care and attention, our meat soon reaches maturity.


  • Muscle cells stick together naturally
  • Muscle tubes are formed with a length of 0.3 mm
  • Fibers from one sample grow up to 800 million tissue filaments

4. Ready to cook

Meat is ready to be cooked. It has no difference from the beef. It is juicy, flavorful and ready to eat. The only difference is that there was no harm to animals or our planet during its production.


  • Muscle tissue reaches maturity
  • Combination with adipose tissue
  • Preparation for cooking

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