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The growing technology of natural meat from the best varieties will completely change the food industry. Invest for tomorrow!

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We use only the best samples to grow meat. Our product is absolutely eco-friendly, completely excludes the risks of infection with diseases and parasites, and also allows you to regulate fat content.

Our meat


Instead of killing millions of farm animals daily, as it is happening today, we use a few cells to grow meat to make hamburgers or chops.

Environmental friendliness

Eco friendliness

Compared to usual raising and slaughtering of farm animals, the production of the cultured meat significantly reduces the cost of water, arable land and energy, methane and other greenhouse gas emissions.



Our technology is constantly evolving, improving the process of recycling and automation. This makes it possible to reduce the prime cost of the product to bring more and more profit every day.


About Meatex

Meatex is an Australian foodstuff company that develops technology of high-quality meat growth directly from cells. Meatex technologists, engineers, biologists and cooks work with representatives of the world's largestcompanies to produce high-quality meat products using environmentally safe and cost-effective way.

Australian Company Number 649 135 740
Registered company under the Corporations Act 2001 and is taken to be registered in Victoria.
The registered office of the company is at 600 BOURKE STREET, MELBOURNE, VICTORIA 3000.

Now in over 7,830 grocery stores, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels and many other...

Investment programs

World statistics show that in the coming years, the technology of cell-grown meat will inevitably displaces all the traditional methods from the market. Progress cannot be stopped, the food industry awaits arevolution!

A true investor always forefeels such historical moments and invests in technologies that will change the world tomorrow and bring stable income. Meatex provides everyone an opportunity to become aninvestor!


Investment term: 15 days35 days

Laboratory research

Our scientists and technologists continue to research and improve the technology of growing meat from cells.

Investments are aimed at:

  • growing poultry and fish
  • growing lamb and pork
  • improvement of the nutrient medium
  • improving the taste of the product

Daily accruals

Total profit from


Investment term:20 days

Development production

We are planning to make our meat even cheaper and launch new production facilities in Europe, Asia, the USA and Canada.

Investments are aimed at:

  • opening of new production facilities around the world
  • development of new equipment
  • staff development
  • reduction of production costs

End-of-term accruals

Total profit from


Investment term:90 days210 days

Spread Franchises

Our strategy is aimed at the development and subsequent distribution of the Meatex franchise in different parts of the world.

Investments are aimed at:

  • franchise development and distribution
  • creation of training programs
  • working with government regulators
  • brand promotion worldwide

End-of-term accruals

Total profit from


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Less land use


Less water use


Less feed intake


The same natural meat

In 2008, 250 gm. of cultured beef cost about $1,000,000. The development of technologies has significantly reduced the price and in 2021, one burger with cultured meat costs less than $5. Thus, during the entiretechnology development, the price has decreased by almost 200,000 times. The technology allows us to save natural resources and feed, it is constantly being improved and the cost of the product is continuously gettinglow. Nowadays there are dozens of lab grown meat companies around the world, and hundreds of millions of dollars have been raised in early funding rounds.

Detailed market analysis

Meatex has helped to take it to the next level

“It turns out that you can enjoy a delicious, juicy steak and not think about the moral component. I am glad that I became one of the partners of the first Meatex. This technology has helped my restaurant reach thenext level, gain new customers and scale the business.”

Dennis Allan BrightRestaurant owner

The best way to keep yourself in top shape

“It is important for athletes to get a full range of vitamins and minerals. It is much more difficult for sportsmen vegetarians to do this. I recently got acquainted with Meatex products. The taste of natural meat andnutritional value are consistent. I think this is the best way to keep yourself in top shape and has a positive impact on the entire environment.”

James Bruce GazeAthletics coach

A quality product, a real alternative to meat

“Dishes with Meatex meat are in great demand in our network. Sales volumes have quadrupled. The rating of our network has grown by 18% since the start of cooperation with Meatex. A quality product, a real alternativeto meat. We are waiting for the expansion of production.”

Grace WalkerCafe manager

Investment market and alternative sources of meat production

Meat cultivation is one of the most promising industries attracting investors from all over the world.

Cultivated meat investment in 2021

The news of a new invention can cause interest, delight, a desire to try a new product as soon as possible, or distrust, skepticism, and fear.

Healthy eating becomes a priority

Covid-19 has created an incredible demand for health benefits. Many consumers are still looking for healthy foods that will support their immune system.