Healthy eating becomes a priority

Covid-19 has created an incredible demand for health benefits. Many consumers are still looking for healthy foods that will support their immune system.

July 27, 2021

One of the main trends that have emerged in the food industry amid the pandemic is the increased demand for alternative sources of protein.

Plant-based meat is produced on an industrial scale and is available to many. In 2020, its sales increased by 264%. Besides the fact that this product has excellent taste characteristics, it is less fatty and does not contain cholesterol. Also, it doesn’t require any interaction with animals (some farms were closed last year, due to the fact that covid-19 was found in animals).

The market for plant-based substitutes for food of animal origin could grow 1000% over the next ten years, reaching $140 billion, according to forecasts of the British conglomerate Barclays. Now the turnover of this market is estimated at $14 billion.

The main buyers of plant-based meat are vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians, and 92% of who tried such a product during the pandemic declared their readiness to continue buying it. Some meat-eaters are also ready to try such a product as an experiment, but they are unlikely to buy it in the future.

According to the latest data, the number of vegans in the world ranges from 1% to 4%, vegetarians - from 3% to 9%. Flexitarians and those who are willing to significantly reduce their consumption of meat products are about 14%. Plant-based meat substitute works great for them.

There are much more meat-eaters in the world, if you think about it, they are up to 80% of the population! This is a huge niche that manufacturers of artificial meat from animal cells can work on. Meat lovers are not ready to replace a juicy tasty steak with a plant-based counterpart. But they are ready to ditch classic meat products in favor of an alternative source of animal protein!

It will be the same juicy and incredibly tasty steak, with the same taste characteristics, containing vitamins and vital microelements, but with a huge advantage - this product is pure, safe, without GMOs and antibiotics. It is a pleasure to eat such a steak, because not a single animal was hurt for it.

Very soon, cultivated meat will enter the world market on an industrial scale. It will become a regular guest in the diet of many consumers.

The market for cultivated meat is not oversaturated, it has just begun its development. It is important to be one of the first to occupy such a niche and success is guaranteed! With Meatex you are one step ahead of the rest.