About Meatex

Your favorite meat dishes that have a juicy, delicious flavor but at the same time are better for you and the whole planet. This is the future we are working on!

A brief history

Meatex creation was preceded by a long scientific research work under the direction of Mason White, Doctor of Medical Sciences. After more than a decade of research into the potential of cellular culture-grown meat, Dr. White concluded that it was truly a viable technology that could permanently change the usual food system and revolutionize agriculture. Besides the fact that this technology can save our planet, it has a huge investment potential.


This is to certify that MEATEX PTY LTD Australian Company Number 649 135 740 is a registered company under the Corporations Act 2001 and is taken to be registered in Victoria.

The registered office of the company is located at 600 BOURKE STREET, MELBOURNE, VICTORIA 3000.

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Innovative production solutions

Brief food production chain

Reduction of the stages and time required for meat processing and preparation. Animals are not slaughtered or processed, labour costs and the risk of disease are reduced. The target tissues are grown and harvested directly, resulting in 100% natural meat.

High-performance production system

We use an exponential production system where the meat grows rapidly, doubling in mass every couple of hours. This ensures high productivity and daily meat products yield.

Adapting to market demand

Short and flexible production cycles make it possible to adapt instantaneously to market demand, changing production volumes within a few days or hours, which significantly increases the competitiveness of the company.

Production costs reduction

The exceptional target tissue growth makes it possible to increase feed conversion rate (FCR), reduce resource consumption, lower waste and generally reduce environmental impact, resulting in lower costs.

A team that is united by a common goal

Meatex is a team of successful scientists, technologists, engineers and other professionals. The company is constantly expanding, recruiting more and more new specialists from different fields. It is impossible to introduce each of them, so meet these three for now:

Mason White

Founder & CSO

Innovator and entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in the field of food and agricultural technology, business development, and also research and elaboration management.

Simon Bracey


Professor Simon Bracey joined the Meatex team as Chief Science Officer. He supervises the main company's direction of the research and development as well as innovative products. His work focuses on expanding opportunities for basic research, accelerating the development of next-generation products, and recruiting the world's best scientists to join the Meatex team.

Emily Jane Vinson


Emily Jane Vinson, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Vice President of Nutrition and Health at Meatex. She has a rich 15-year experience as a scientist, doctor, teacher, editor and writer. Her knowledge and experience in areas such as mammalian cell culture, nutrient composition, molecular biology and microscopy, stem cell culture and differentiation, molecular biology and microscopy are invaluable.

Our team is united by a desire to revolutionize the food industry and a deep motivation to save our planet.

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